SYSLOR is born as an answer to a real problem.

In 2018, it is unbearable to cause one accident per minute during public works on buried networks in the US*.

At SYSLOR, we empower workers with X ray like ability, allowing them to see buried networks while digging, thanks to our Augmented Reality solutions on smartphone and tablets.

After the works, we cut down the time needed to collect networks position by creating as built 3D plan from a video taken with the same smartphone or tablet

SYSLOR is the No 1 in outdoor AR modelisation

Safety, Easiness, time and cost savings !

SYSLOR Solutions

What is our mission ?

Our mission is to increase workers safety, improving efficiency and reducing costs for firms working on networks

  • How ?

  • By Visualizing buried networks on site in Augmented Reality with smartphone or tablet.
  • By making as built 3D plans from a smartphone video.
  • By inserting in the “Cloud” every plan, so everyone entitled can see underground networks at any time anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.


At SYSLOR, we believe in the emergence of a 3D «Google maps©» of the underground networks for buildings, companies, networks operators and cities to be pooled in augmented reality to anyone entitled.

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